Our services

  • Machining service (PAR, Crosscutting, ripping to size)
  • Delivery
  • Timber Identification
  • Timber related advice
  • Laminated solid wood counter & table tops

    Our main service is one-on-one assistance and advice. We will advise you on what wood would be best suited to your application and then help you select the best planks for the job. We can surface, rip and plane your planks to your preferred specification and even laminate and sand your tops if required.

    On a larger scale, we are happy to plane your bundles down to your exact finished size and even cross cut your components.

    Just about any moulding can also be run whether it be for skirtings, architraves, beading, ceiling boards or flooring and this can be done from the wood of your choice.

Machining Services