American Poplar (Thermally Modified)

Description:  Thermally Modified Poplar is produced by the thermo-treatment process. When complete, the process carmelises the sugars in the wood which gives the ash a dark brown appearance all the way through the wood. The process allows the poplar to become more water and decay resistant.

Properties:  Machines well using all normal methods. Since the heat treatment eliminates the resins in the wood, machines require little cleaning after milling.  Blades must be sharp, otherwise tearout may occur. Milling across the grain may increase tear out.  Keep in mind that thermally modified wood has lower water absorption than normal wood so finishes and glues require longer drying and penetration times. Heat treatment reduces the splitting strength of the wood. The use of self-tapping or predrilling hardware is recommended.  It is recommended to use a compressed air gun with depth control since hammer contact with the wood promotes splitting.