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Tropical hardwoods have been used for centuries for roof shingles, boat building, wall cladding, decking, outdoor furniture and many other applications.  Whilst many species of tropical hardwoods have been well managed and sustainably harvested, many forests have been exploited to a point where it is no longer sustainable to use certain species for applications that have traditionally called for tropical hardwoods.  The temperate forests of the northern hemisphere don’t produce many timber species that can be used for external applications but there is now a solution to this.  THERMALLY MODIFIED timber is produced by taking a temperate hardwood and putting it in a special kiln where the temperature is slowly taken to 200 degrees celcius. As the wood is dried the cells are sealed which means the plank can no longer absorb or release moisture making the plank very stable.  It also changes the colour to give it  a very attractive ‘tan’. After a plank has been thermally modified it is said to have a lifespan of up to 25 years.

Eco Timber Traders carries Thermally Modified Oak and Poplar in 25mm; 38mm and 50mm.