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We stock a comprehensive range of quality plywood products made in Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, China and right here in South Africa.  Our range includes the following thicknesses: 3mm; 6mm; 9mm; 12mm; 15mm; 18mm; 21mm.

The standard sheet size is 2440mm x 1220mm.

  1. Birch Plywood.

Our Birch plywood comes from Russia where the finest Birch trees grow.  The Russian Birch tree produces the whitest colour with very little colour variation.  We stock long grain Birch ply meaning the grain runs 2440mm long which provides a lot more options than boards that only run 1220mm cross grain.  Our Birch ply is made from waterproof WBP glue and we stock the following grades:

B/BB      This has one clear face free from defects like knots and checks

BB/BB   This board contains patches and is ideal for veneering

CP/CP   This is more of an industrial board which contains patches, knots and natural colour variation.  Good for painting

  1. Marine Plywood

We believe we carry the best Marine plywood available in South Africa.  All our Marine plywood is made from Keruing wood which is a lovely deep red colour.  The veneers are precise and crisp and the colour of the veneers is uniform.  Our Marine ply is all BS1088 certified.

  1. Commerical Plywood

Our commercial plywood comes from plantation timber species. This plywood can be used for a multitude of uses where water is not present.

  1. Pine Plywood

We carry a range of Pine plywood from 6mm to 21mm in the following grades: