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Tamboti (Spirostachys africana)
Family – Euphorbiaceae
Distribution – South / South East Africa
Other Names: Spirostachys synandra, Excoecaria africana, African sandalo, African sandalwood, Hlengamoaasn, Irongo, Lourenco marques, Msalakanu, Msaraka, Msarakana, Mtomboti, Muconite, Muharaka, Munhiti, Mutivoti, Mutomboti, Mutovoti, Nesipolela, Omupapa, Sandalo, Sandalo Africano, Sandalwood, Shelinga-maasm, Tambootie, Tambotie, Tsomvori, Ubande, Ulu-bande, Umtamboti, Umthombotni
Characteristics: The wood is hard, heavy, durable and close-grained. The sapwood is creamy white and the heartwood rich brown with a satin-like lustre. It is inclined to be oily and, when freshly worked, has a distinctive sweetish smell. Care should be taken when working with Tamboti – the milky latex from freshly cut trees is very poisonous and causes irritation to sensitive skin and can damage the eyes. Care should be taken to keep sawdust out of the eyes. This wood is not suitable for fuel as the smoke will cause headaches and nausea. The timber weighs about 900 kg/m3 when dried.
Working Qualities: The timber is easy to saw and glue. Does not take nails but screws well.
Uses: Furniture, turnery, inlay work, cabinet-making and carving.