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SA Pine (Pinus spp)
Family – Pinaceae
Distribution – Widely planted in South Africa.
Other Names: Pinus elliottii / radiata / insignis / patula / subpatula, Insular pine, Monterey pine, Pino insigne, Radiata pine, Red pine, Remarkable pine, Jelicote pine, Mexican pine, Ocote, Patula pine, Patula-den, Pinho patula, Pino, Spreading leafed pine, Slash pine, Swamp pine, Yellow slash pine
Characteristics: The pale coloured sapwood is clearly distinct from the pinkish-brown heartwood. The texture is relatively uniform. The average weight of the dried timber is about 480 Kg / m3. Untreated pine is considered non-durable.
Working Qualities: The wood works reasonably well, it planes to a smooth finish and nails and screws well.
Uses: General construction, joinery, crates pallets and boxes, used for pulp for kraft paper.