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Panga Panga

Family – Leguminosae
Distribution – East Africa
Other Names: Avong, Jambire, Mongoy, Mpande, Mpanga-mpanga, Partridge wood, Partridgewood, Umkuye, Wenge
Characteristics: Sapwood whitish in colour, the heartwood is dark brown with fine, close blackish veining, giving the wood a handsome appearance. A very hard and heavy wood, it weighs about 800 kg/m3 when dried. Straight grained, it has a rather coarse texture. The wood is stated to have good resistance to bending and to shock. Panga Panga is very durable.
Working Qualities: Difficult to work because of its hardness, when sawing it may bind to blades and burn. It tends to split so pre-drilling is very important. It is difficult to polish.
Uses: Very suitable for flooring, also used for decoration and for furniture manufacturing.