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Oregon Pine (Pseudotsuga menzie)

Family – Pinaceae
Distribution – North Western USA & Canada – particularly abundant in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon States.
Other names: Douglas fir (DF) Blue DF, British Columbian pine, Coast DF, Colorado DF, Colorado pino real, Colorado real, Columbian Pine, Douglas spruce, Puget Sound pine, Red fir, Rocky Mountain DF, Yellow fir
Characteristics: The sapwood is lighter in colour than the heartwood, which varies from yellow to a reddish-brown colour. There is a pronounced difference in colour between early-wood and late-wood zones which give the wood a very distinctive figure on plain-sawn surfaces. Some resin ducts and pockets are present. The average weight of dried timber is 530 Kg / m3. The wood is moderately durable.
Working Qualities: Works readily and fairly easily, but with a slight dulling effect on blades. With care, a good finish is obtainable, and the wood can be nailed, screwed, glued, stained and polished satisfactorily. Resin canals tend to bleed at times.
Uses: Heavy construction, piling, masts and spars, dock and harbour work, barges, joinery, flooring, windows and doors, ship building, roof trusses, furniture, and for veneer and plywood.