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Maple (Acer Saccharum)
Family – Aceraceae
Distribution – Canada and eastern USA
Other Names: Bird’s eye maple, Black maple, Blister maple, Canadian maple, Curly maple, Fiddleback maple, Hard maple, Maple, Rock maple, Sugar maple, White maple
Characteristics: Maple is a strong, heavy, hard, straight-grained and fine textured wood. The heartwood is light reddish-brown and the sapwood white in colour and furnishes the white maple prized for certain uses. It differs mainly from the soft maples in its greater density and finer texture. Hard maple weighs 740 Kg / m3 when dried, compared to soft maple at 550 Kg / m3.
Working qualities: Hard maple is rather difficult to work, the timber tending to cause saws to vibrate and for cutters to ride on the wood during planing. The timber can be stained, polished and glued satisfactorily, but is hard to nail or screw. Soft maple works and machines with less difficulty.
Uses: The uses for hard and soft maple are practically the same except for most exacting requirements of hardness and strength. Typical uses for maple include flooring, furniture and cabinet making.