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Imbuia (Phoebe porosa)
Family – Lauraceae
Distribution – In the Parana and Santa Caterina districts of Brazil.
Other Names: Oreodaphne porosa, Phoebe porosa, Cinnamomum porosum, Amarela, Brazilian walnut, Canella, Canella imbuia, Determa, Embuia, Embuia preta, Embuia vermelho, Embuya, Imbuia, Brazina, Clara, Parda, Rajada, Zebria, Imbuya, Imported stinkwood
Characteristics: The heartwood is yellowish or olive to a chocolate brown in colour, frequently variegated and sometimes figured. It is a fine to medium textured wood, and the grain may be straight, but is sometimes wavy and curly. It is moderately hard and heavy, and weighs about 660 Kg / M3 when dried.
Working Qualities: It is easy to work, and finishes very smoothly, and holds its place well after manufacture. There is some tendency for the grain to pick up during planing and moulding.
Uses: Furniture, cabinet-making and high – class joinery, high grade flooring, panelling and gun stocks.