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Cypress (Lusitanica)

SA Cypress (Cupressus lusitanica)


Family – Cupressaceae


Distribution – East and Southern Africa

Other Names: Cupressus lindleyi, Cedar of Goa, Cedro, Cedro amerillo, Cedro blanco, Cedro de la Sierra, Cipres, Cipres de Mexico, East Africa cypress, East African Cypress, Gretado galan, Gretdo amerillo, Gretolo amerillo, Lindley cypress, Lusitanica cypress, Meru cypress, Mexican cypress, Narok cypress, Pinabele, Pinabete, Portuguese cypress, Teatlale, Tlascal, Tlatzcan, Tlazzcan.
Characteristics: The heartwood is yellowish – brown to pinkish-brown usually distinct from the paler sapwood. The grain is usually straight and the texture fine and fairly even and the wood usually quite knotty. The timber weighs around 470 Kg / M3 when dried, and is classified as durable.
Working qualities: Works easily with both hand and machine tools, but frequent knots can be troublesome. The timber nails well and gives a good finish.

Uses: General construction use, crates and boxes, furniture and joinery.