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Australian Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon)

Family – Leguminosae

Distribution – South East Australia , Tasmania. Also planted in South Africa.

Other Names: Australian Black Acacia, Black Sally, Black Wattle, Lightwood, Swarthout, Tasmanian Blackwood

Characteristics: The heartwood ranges from golden-brown to reddish-brown or dark brown. The grain is usually straight, but may be interlocked or wavy which often produces a beautiful fiddle-back figure. The wood weighs about 670 Kg/M3 when dried.

Durability: Durable.

Working Qualities: Works fairly easily, but cutting edges must be kept sharp, particularly when curly grain is present. The wood can be screwed and nailed well, but gluing properties are often variable. It takes an excellent polish.

Uses: Furniture, paneling, interior joinery, billiard tables, gun stocks and, in Australia, for bentwood work eg coachwork and boat building.