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African Mahogany (Khaya  ivorensis / nyasica)
Family – Meliaceae
Distribution – West Africa – Ivory Coast, Cameroons, Gabon , Ghana and Nigeria (Khaya ivorensis ) and East Africa – Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique ( Khaya nyasica )
Other Names: Acajou, Khaya, Benin, Lagoswood, Ogwango, Ngollon, Mbaua, Umbaua, Mbawa, Mkangazi.
Characteristics: Varies in colour from light pinkish – brown to a deep reddish shade.  The grain is usually interlocked and the texture coarser than that of American mahogany. African Mahogany dries fairly rapidly with generally little degrade. The timber weighs about 530 – 590 kg/m3 when dried.
Working Qualities: Due to interlocked grain there is a tendency for pick up on quarter-sawn surfaces. Good gluing, nailing and screwing properties, takes a good finish and high polish.
Uses: Furniture, high quality joinery, staircases, panelling and flooring, boat building and handrails.