Syringa, chinaberry tree, Cape lilac, Syringaberry tree

Scientific name:  Melia azedarach 

Description:  Colour can range from a light pinkish-orange to a deeper reddish-brown. Colour becomes darker upon prolonged exposure to light. Well-defined sapwood is a lighter yellow.  Grain is usually  straight, though occasionally interlocked. Texture is coarse and uneven, with a pronounced natural lustre.

Properties:  Due to its moderate density and generally straight grain, Syringa is quite easy to work: it cuts, planes, sands, and glues well. Perhaps the only difficulty is in its large pores, which tend to give a very open and grainy finished appearance, which may need to be filled, particularly if a smooth glossy surface is desired. (Though if left as-is, it serves well in applications where a rustic look is desired.)