Decking & Flooring

Hard & Softwoods


Hard and soft woods: We supply over 35 species of hard and soft wood selectively sourced from around the world in various sizes and grades.

Decking: We carry a full range of Balau in all structural sizes and in pre-moulded decking planks of 19×68 and 19×90. We have also introduced Massaranduba as a stock item.

Flooring: We machine Tongue and Groove or Maxi plank solid flooring from any of our stocked species, the most common being Rhodesian Teak, Kiaat, Oak, Mahogany, Oregon and Saligna.

Plywoods: We stock a wide range of plywoods including Marine ply, Commercial Ply, Birch Ply, Shutterply and exotic veneered backing ply in Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Sapele, Oak and Beech.

Natural Edged Timber Slabs: We have a wide selection of natural edged solid timber slabs. These are ideal for bar counters and rustic table tops.

Sealers: We carry a range of Woodoc and Rystix Timbercare products which are excellent for many different interior and exterior sealing applications. We are currently agents for ProNature natural wood sealers which is made from sustainable, renewable materials like linseed oil and bee’s wax manufactured by Envirotouch in Cape Town. 





Timber Identification

Our main service is one-on-one assistance and advice. We will advise you on what wood would be best suited to your application and then help you select the best planks for
the job.

Machining: We can surface, rip and plane your planks to your specification. We also manufacture solid laminated tops if required and even laminate and sand your tops if required. On a larger scale, we are happy to plane your bundles down to your exact finished size and even cross cut your components. Just about any moulding can also be run whether it be for skirtings, architraves, beading, ceiling boards or flooring and this can be done from the wood of your choice.

Timber Identification: There are very few places in the country where one can get timber identified. Timber identification can be done by visual inspection where the sample of wood in question is inspected for colour, grain figure, weight and even smell. Most of the time if it’s a wood that we are familiar with we’ll be able to identify it straight away. If we cannot identify your timber visually we can send away a sample to a lab where the cell structure is carefully examined under a microscope by a professor of wood science. Please be advised there is a charge to send a sample away to the lab.



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